How to lose weight with Dr Oz!

As many of you are aware, Dr Joseph Ajaka is on the Sharecare Panel headed up by Dr Oz. In fact Dr Ajaka is the only doctor outside of North America on this Panel. So when Dr Oz releases tips on weight loss, we love to spread the word. Here are five key points that Dr Oz recommends we all follow if we are serious about losing weight!

  1. stay away from soda drinks especially DIET soda drinks: dont be fooled. Just because they include the word diet, it certainly is not correlated with weight loss. Diet sodas have a tendency to remind the body of how good the “sweet stuff” tastes and hence wants you craving more!
  2. dont loose too many calories at any one time: if you do, your body thinks your starving and hence slows your metabolism to counter this…not the result you want!
  3. Avoid pasta: calories! enough said here;
  4. avoid too much eating at night time: were not talking about skipping dinner but simply eating too much or too late! Remember your body does not have much time to burn what you eat at night;
  5. avoid low fat foods: to make them taste nice they usually add salt or sugar…both bad! eat natural foods with no packaging…you know they are healthy and there is no hidden secrets!

We hope this helps.

September 28, 2013

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