Alcohol and appearance…is there a correlation?

They say that the more alcohol you consume the better the other person looks. This maybe true, however have you ever thought about how you look after consuming alcohol? We all know the health implications of too much alcohol, however too many drinks can also have a detrimental effect on your appearance.

Here are some ways that alcohol can make you ugly and more importantly ways to fight back!

1. Alcohol dehydrates the body. By making your kidney’s work overtime to flush the bad substance from the body, you lose a lot of the good stuff, being water. In turn this creates headaches, dry skin and you bet…wrinkles!

Solution: Drink water and lots of it. Before, during and after any drinking session.

2. Weight gain: we have all heard of the beer belly, but did you know that booze increases your appetite and so you eat more! Lets not forget about the calories in a standard drink as well.

Solution: Be smart. Dont drink too much. Know your limit per day and work it out that way!

3. Bloating: hang on didn’t we just say that it alcohol makes you dry…how then can it make you bloated. Well as water leaves your body, your tissues swell up hence causes you to be bloated!

Solution: Again water is the key here. Make sure you drink plenty of it to offset the decline in water in your body.

4. Alcohol dilates blood vessels, sometimes causing them to burst, causing permanent broken capillaries.

Solution: You need to make sure that you keep your skin properly moisturised to bring hydration back.

Like everything, enjoy alcohol in moderation. Dont have too much of it…enjoy the odd glass or schooner.


August 9, 2013

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